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We'll Showcase your Support by community

  • Partner-level contributions for Bluemont programs can generate on-going, multi-year recognition for annual donations starting at $5,000.
  • Bluemont can produce extensive public recognition for our Partners that we can tailor to partner preferences and level of commitment.
  • Some Partners prefer discreet or anonymous public recognition; others can benefit from watching their support produce full recognition in targeted program areas and/or special communities throughout the Bluemont region.
  • Bluemont has evolved some effective methods to showcase our Partners through a unique combination of "imbedded" program promotion and more traditional public relations methods. We can showcase our Partners in any or all of the following ways:

Bluemont Website and Internet

Special Press Announcements and feature development

  • Release to print and broadcast media   (245 regional or by targeted community)
  • Special mailing to elected and public officials (225 local, state and federal)
  • Special mailing to Bluemont membership database (25,000+ regional or select db)
  • Press Conference with photo ops and select feature article support

Summer Concert Program

  • Featured recognition in Official flyer/schedule (185,000 direct mail)
  • Concert press releases and evening programs (25,000+ at 70 concerts)
  • Special evening recognition at targeted concerts and or communities

Artist-In-Education Schools Program

  • AIE Directory listing of Major donors/partners (mailed to 250 schools in 24 Districts)
  • Press releases, PTA/O and school principal newsletters
  • Recognition at select AIE programs
  • Special thank you recognition from participating schools

Healthcare Benefit Program

  • Press releases and facility client newsletters and activity reports (45+ facilities)
  • Special news features
  • Special thank you recognition from participating facilities

Special Events

  • Bluemont co-sponsors 30-40 special community events annually like the First Night project in Leesburg and Warrenton, the Martin Luther King Celebration in Loudoun, the Hispanic Festival in Fredericksburg and many others.
  • Recognition possible at these events on case-by-case basis: "Bluemont participation in XYZ made possible in part by generous support of ABC Partner..."

Ask about special ways we can recognize your support of our work in the community. Bluemont wants showcase your partnership of our award-winning programs.

Bluemont Concert Series
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Last updated on: October 20, 2016