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The Bluemont Dances couldn't happen without the help of dedicated volunteers. If you enjoy the dances and the music, consider lending a hand! There are lots of different opportunities, both during the dances and at other times, so there's something to suit almost everybody. Helping out at a dance doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun, either jobs don't take all that long.

Let us know what you're interested in and how to reach you, or talk to the dance coordinator. Thanks for helping out! So you know what you're getting yourself into, we've included information on many of the regular tasks for the dances.

Please fill out and send the online form below, or print out the PDF version and fax to us at (540) 338-4847. Or mail to: Bluemont Concert Series, PO Box 521, Purcellville, VA, 20134. Please call us at (540) 338-4640 or email with any questions.





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I'd like to help...

take a shift at the admission table. We try to have several folks take turns (usually two dances long), so nobody has to sit out all night.
set up before the dance. Help unload equipment, set up admission and refreshment tables, fill water cooler, etc.
strike after the dance. Pretty much the same as above, but in reverse.
sweep the dance floor. At the break or after the dance.
help with sound. Help unload and set up sound equipment before the dance, help take down and load out after dance; set up and operation of sound equipment during dance.
distribute flyers. We usually do two schedule flyers per season, and like to get them posted throughout the community and carried to other dance events.
with publicity. Submit announcements to newsletters (FSGW, BFMS, etc.), help gather info/pictures of performers for press releases.
with hospitality. Sometimes out-of-town performers need a spot to stay for the night after a dance.


I can't get enough. I want to join the dance committee.
I would like to help with other kinds of Bluemont Concert Series events (concerts, school programs, etc.)
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