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Below are some of the current events and recent cultural programs that Bluemont has presented in your area, along with the sponsors who help make them possible.

See our AIE Homepage to bring Bluemont artists to your school, Healthcare Outreach to bring Bluemont to a nursing home near you, or become involved as a Volunteer. Or help bring the performing arts to your community by Supporting Bluemont.

Concerts Near You:
Leesburg Concerts
Middleburg Concerts

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Artist-In-Education Programs:

Examples from Previous Years:



Students Attending

Healthcare Outreach:

2012 Bluemont Performances

 Healthcare Facility  Performer

Sunrise Assisted Living

Martinsburg Jazz Orchestra

Sunrise Assisted Living The Flaming Shillelaghs
Loudoun Nursing and Rehabilitation The Hot Seats
Heritage Hall of Leesburg The Taters
Heritage Hall of Leesburg Pan Masters

Major Donors:
Armfield, Harrison & Thomas Insurance
Loudoun Mutual Insurance Co.
Bullock & Associates, PC
Macy's Foundation
China King's Restaurant
Martin's Herend Imports, Inc.
Eiffel Tower Café
Mayo Family Dentistry
Middleburg Bank
Engle, Paxson & Hawthorne Insurance Services
Midwifery Options for Mothers
Fuller & Spencer-Fuller, PC
Parva Plastic Surgery Center
Greer's Antique Conservation
Purcellville Community Market, LLC
Hampton Inn & Suites of Leesburg
Robert D. Anderson, P.L.L.C.
I Have a Dream
The Catoctin School of Music
Inner Quest, Inc.
The Gerald and Paula McNichols Family Foundation
Lauten Construction Co.
Thomas Birkby House
Law Office of Stephen P. Robin
Tuscarora Mill Restaurant
Leesburg Pharmacy, Inc.
Union Title & Escrow Inc.
Virginia Village, L.C.
Waterborne Environmental, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson
Zicht Engineering Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. William Babics
Lt. General and Mrs. Edward Heinz
Ms. Joyce Badanes
Mr. and Mrs. David Hendershot
Ms. Jill Beach
Ms. Heidi Herd
Mr. Ron Benschoter
Mr. Milton Herd and Ms. Dawn Perusse
Ms. Sally Bensusen
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Hill
Mr. and Mrs. George Bergeman
Ms. Elinor C. Hiller
Mr. and Mrs. LeRon Bielak
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Arlyn Black
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hopkins
Ms. Marilyn Bos
Ms. Cheryl Howarth
Mr. Daniel Brandel
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Huddleston
Ms. Alice Calhoun
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hutchison
Mr. and Mrs. Tunis Campbell
Mr. Quinten Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Carpenter
Ms. Susan Kasper
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cheplick
Ms. Jo Ellen Keating
Mr. Christopher Collins and Ms. Maria Nicklin
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kelly
Ms. Susan Crandall
Mr. Lawrence E. Kelly
Ms. Teresa Crane
Ms. Sandra King
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Korte
Mr. William Easton and Ms. Janine Higgins
Mr. Mark Lay
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Eisenhower
Ms. Ruth Legard
Mr. and Mrs. Haig Evans-Kavaldjian
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Leigh
Ms. Lynn Ezell
Mr. and Mrs. Alwyn Lewis
Mr. Timothy J. Farmer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lorenz
Mr. Curtis Gans
Ms. Mary R. Mack
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gates
Ms. Theresa McCullers
Ms. Christine Gleckner
Mr. and Mrs. Joe McGregor
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Gottlieb
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McIntyre
Ms. Bettina Gregory
Ms. Elizabeth L. McNair
Dr. David S. Groy
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Minchew
Mr. Leonard R. Grus
Ms. Katherine Mott
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mydlinski
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hand
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Nagell
Mr. and Mrs. John Harris
Mr. Robert D. Perantoni
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sherfy
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pettit
Mr. and Mrs. David Skipp
Ms. Natalie Pien
Mr. Robert E. Smith
Mr. Matthew Prisutti
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Solomon
Ms. Mary E. Randolph
Mr. and Mrs. David Swan
Mr. John J. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. John Tew
Ms. Deborah Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thibodeau
Douglas Richardson, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Les Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. John Rippingale
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Van Huyck
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Robin
Mr. Jimmy Vogel and Ms. Barbara Shea-Kutt
Mr. and Mrs. Thom Rochford
Ms. Velda Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rohrer
Mr. Dennis C. Welsh
Dr. John Schisler
Ms. Erika Weshinskey
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Schrade
Mr. and Mrs. Peter West
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Segura
Ms. Elizabeth Whiting
Mr. and Mrs. Ludington Sells
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Whitmore
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson



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