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Below are some of the current events and recent cultural programs that Bluemont has presented in your area, along with the sponsors who help make them possible.

See our AIE Homepage to bring Bluemont artists to your school, Healthcare Outreach to bring Bluemont to a nursing home near you, or become involved as a Volunteer. Or help bring the performing arts to your community by Supporting Bluemont.

Concerts Near You:
Fredericksburg Concerts
Colonial Beach Concerts
Culpeper Concerts

Contact a Bluemont Committee Member:

Artist-In-Education Programs:

Examples from Previous Years



Students Attending

Healthcare Outreach:

2012 Bluemont Performances

Healthcare Facility  Performer
Greenfield Assisted Living Dixie Power Trio
Madonna House King Teddy
Hughes Home The Hot Seats
Heartsfield Assisted Living Black Sheep
Heartsfield Assisted Living Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie
Marian Manor Furnace Mountain

Major Donors:


Loudoun Mutual Insurance Co.
The General Store Restaurant
Mary Washington Hospital Foundation
The Gerald and Paula McNichols Family Foundation
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
Water Color & Photos, Inc
Rappahannock Rotary Club
Ms. Liane Houghtalin
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Adams
Ms. Holly Hubbell
Ms. Ida Ansell
The Johnson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Balint
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bramlette
Mr. and Mrs. John Knapp
Ms. Elaine Brogan
The Lilley Family
Ms. Georgia Sutton Buchanan
Mr. William Long
Ms. Christi Carver
Ms. Terry Martin
Mr. Harry L. Chipman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McDonagh
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper
Ms. Anne McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McNichols
Ms. Ellie Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Nelson
Ms. Bernadine Crown
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Neustatter
Ms. Claire Cole Curcio
Mr. John F. Pfohl
Mr. and Mrs. David Cyr
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pickett
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ellis
Mr. William Pinschmidt and Ms. Gae Delcampo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fennemore
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pollock
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fenwick
Mr. and Mrs. John Purdy
Ms. Miriam Gerard
Mr. Mike Redding
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hagan
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Redding
Mr. W.W. Harvey and Ms. Diane Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Headley
Mr. Thomas Savage, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Horan
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Scanlon
Dr. Hugh Teller and Ms. Jane Ellen Kravetz
Ms. Anne T. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Treichler
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Smart
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Varela
Ms. Constance Fletcher Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wasem
Mr. John Sovitsky and Ms. Kathy Harrigan
Ms. Connie Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Strohl
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Willis
Ms. Marjorie Stup
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Willis

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