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Below are some of the current events and recent cultural programs that Bluemont has presented in your area, along with the sponsors who help make them possible.

See our AIE Homepage to bring Bluemont artists to your school, Healthcare Outreach to bring Bluemont to a nursing home near you, or become involved as a Volunteer. Or help bring the performing arts to your community by Supporting Bluemont.

Concerts Near You:
Winchester Concerts

Contact a Bluemont Committee Member:

Artist-In-Education Programs:

Examples from Previous Years:



Students Attending

Healthcare Outreach:
2012 Bluemont Performances

Healthcare Facility Performer
Envoy of Winchester Martinsburg Jazz Orchestra
Evergreen Health and Rehabilitation Black Sheep
Evergreen Health and Rehabilitation The Flaming Shillelaghs
Rose Hill Nursing Home The Taters
Hilltop House Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein
Godfrey House The Hot Seats
Evergreen Health and Rehabilitation Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie
Envoy of Winchester Ruthie & The Wranglers
Rose Hill Nursing Home Furnace Mountain
Hilltop House Mary Ann Redmond

Major Donors:


Bank of Clarke County
Reader & Swartz Architects, PC
Blue Ridge Counseling Center
Roman Delight Pizza
Blue Ridge Pediatric Associates, Ltd.
Tech Team Solutions/Old Town General Store
Dennis J. McLoughlin, Attorney & Counselor at Law
The Floor Shop
Dr. Robert D. King, D.D.S. and Associates
The Gerald and Paula McNichols Family Foundation
Handworks Gallery
Top Flight BBQ, LLC
Jim Barb Realty
Union Jack Pub & Restaurant LLC
Linden Heights Animal Hospital
Valley Health
Loudoun Mutual Insurance Co.
Violino Ristorante Italiano
Millwood Crossing Shops
Wilkins' Shoe Center, Inc.
Omega Drywall, Ltd.
Winchester Neurological Consultants, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Abrams
Ms. Pauline S. Manuel
Mr. Marc Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Jan Marshall
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Armstrong
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Martenson
Ms. Pamela Anne Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Fred McKay
Ms. Rose Beneke
Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Benham, III
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mislowsky
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Berlin
The Mitchell Family
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Borger
Mr. and Mrs. John Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Branchaud
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moyer
Ms. Liz Browning
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mozeleski
Mr. Paul Burke
Ms. Barbara Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burkholder
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burks
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Ohrstrom, II
Ms. Joan Butler
Mr. and Mrs. William Olien
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Owen
Mr. and Mrs. John Cain
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Caro
Mr. and Mrs. James Phillips
Ms. Caitlin L. Chandler
Drs. Juan Pittaluga and Maria Bogaert
Mr. Donald Cline
Mr. and Mrs. Grayson Redford
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Crawford
Ms. Patricia Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Crim
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Rizzo
Ms. Gayle Cross
Ms. Leah Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Daniels
Ms. Julia Flagg Rockwell
Mr. Ottmar Dengel
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Joe DeZarn
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rupert
Ms. Cynthia Ebert
Ms. Hester Sager and Ms. Sandra Montgomery
Ms. Betty Jean S. Fawcett
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schaible
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Flax
Drs. Mark Schroeder and Laurel Tschirgi
Ms. Veerle Foreman
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Selzer
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gemma
Mr. John Sengewalt
Mr. Ed Grainger
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Shantz
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Grogg
Mr. Walter Shaver
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Grundman
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sheaffer
Mr. Bill Hagen and Ms. Joanne Spano
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shegogue
Mr. and Mrs. Monty Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Shore
Mr. and Mrs. David Harry
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shultz
Mr. and Mrs. James Holland
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Sinclair
Mr. Geoff Huggins and Ms. Louisa Poulin
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Smart
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Specht
Dr. and Mrs. Hampton Hylton
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Sturm
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Jacobs
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Swope
Ms. Eleanor Kobetz
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tavenner
Mr. and Mrs. James Koenig
Ms. Sarah E. Tavenner
Mr. and Mrs. James Laise
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Touchstone
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Largent
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Versley
Ms. Renee Lavitz
Ms. Ann Wallinger
Ms. Alina Learned
Mr. and Mrs. John Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lloyd
Dr. Blake Watts
Ms. Adolene Long
Mr. Bruce Welch and Ms. Teresa Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lore
Ms. Anna White Kemp
Ms. Meredith Mackay-Smith
Mr. Douglas C. Whitesell
Mr. and Mrs. John Zimet


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