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Below are some of the current events and recent cultural programs that Bluemont has presented in your area, along with the sponsors who help make them possible.

See our AIE Homepage to bring Bluemont artists to your school, Healthcare Outreach to bring Bluemont to a nursing home near you, or become involved as a Volunteer. Or help bring the performing arts to your community by Supporting Bluemont.

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Artist-In-Education Programs:

Examples from Previous Years:



Students Attending

Healthcare Outreach:

2012 Bluemont Performances

Healthcare Facility Performer
Oak Springs of Warrenton Martinsburg Jazz Orchestra
Fauquier Health Rehabilitation and Nursing Center The Flaming Shillelaghs
Villa at Suffield Meadows Black Sheep
Amerisist of Warrenton Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie
Fauquier Health Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Pan Masters
Oak Springs of Warrenton The Taters
Amerisist of Warrenton The Guy Mendilow Ensemble
The Oaks Apartments of Warrenton Daryl Davis

Major Donors:


Airlie Foundation and Conference Center
Carson Associates, Inc.
Country Chevrolet
Harrington Software Associates, Inc.
Henley Management Realty, Inc.
Law Offices of Mark B. Williams
Loudoun Mutual Insurance Co.
Middleburg Bank
Moose Hill Farm
Mountain View Marketing, LLC
Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative - Manassas
The Fauquier Bank
The Gerald and Paula McNichols Family Foundation
United Technologies
Wakefield School, Inc.
Warrenton Auto Service
Mrs. Joan Anthony
Mr. Carl Aplin and Ms. Jeanne Drevas
Mr. and Mrs. Skip Ashby
Mr. Allan Badrow and Ms. Barbara Koehler
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baillie
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Barwick
Mr. Dennis C. Baumann
Ms. Whyla Beman
Mr. C D Binning, Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bogenn
Ms. Felicia Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bullock
Ms. Jackie C. Burke
Ms. Fran Burke
Dr. and Mrs. John Buursink
Mr. and Mrs. William Clair
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Clayborn
Mr. John Coelho and Ms. Katherine Milan
Dr. Bruce and Sara Collette
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Warren Corrado
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cronauer
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Crouch
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cultrera
Mr. John Cutting, Jr.
Mr. Rick Davis and Ms. Julie Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. David De Give
Mr. and Mrs. John DeBonis
Mr. W. Hunter Debutts, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Diaz
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Donaldson
Ms. Betty Drost
Mr. Fred Drunagel
Mr. and Mrs. John Duggan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eckert
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Falcon
Ms. Barbara Fishback
Mr. Warren Frederick and Ms. Catherine White
Mr. Edward Gamble
Mr. Charles Grymes and Ms. Catherine Ring
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. William Haynes
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Henson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Herholtz
Mr. Robert Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hilleary
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunsaker
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Hyson
Ms. Lora Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Kirkman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kuykendall
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leopold
Mr. and Mrs. Yakir Lubowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McClanahan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meadows
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mensh
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Moffat
Mr. Tommie Monez
Ms. Janie S. Mosby
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mothersead
Mr. Clinton Mullen
Ms. Connie Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Neale
Mr. Daniel Nellis and Ms. Kathleen McClelland
Mr. and Mrs. Ed O'Connor
Ms. Ellen Orange
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Palm
Mr. and Mrs. Raye Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. John Pegues
Ms. Shelley Perry
Ms. Paula Rabkin
Mr. Paul Reisler
Ms. Faye Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rizzardi
Ms. Katherine Rizzo
Mr. and Mrs. William Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Rodway
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Rose
Mr. and Mrs. William Segnit
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Shurberg
Ms. Jocelyn A. Sladen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Strittmatter
Mr. Richard Talomie
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Teague
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Towle
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tullington
Ms. Marjorie Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Mike  Wassenberg
The West Family
Mr. Trentwell White
Col. and Mrs. Frank Wickersham
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wolczanski
Ms. Patricia A. Woodward, Attorney-at-Law

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