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Bluemont Executive Committee Meeting

Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 10:00 a.m.
Held at St. James Epscopal Church, Warrenton
Teleconference Services available; please advise staff

I. Call to Order – Milton Herd, Chairman
II. Guests, Recognitions and Remarks – Milton Herd
III. Governance Committee Report on Bylaws- Milton Herd (Att A)
A. Nominations of 2008/2009 Board members (Att B)
B. Nominations of 2008/2009 Board Officers
Adjourn Annual Meeting

BOARD of DIRECTORS MEETING following Annual Meeting

Call to Order – Milton Herd, Chairman

Minutes of the 4/12/08 Board meeting (Att C)

Committee Reports
A. Executive Committee: Milt Herd
B. Finance: Thom Rochford
· Cash Flow Report as of 5/31/08 (Att D)
· FY2009 Budget proposed (Att Ei, Eii)
· Local Gov’t Report (Att Eiii)
C. Chairman's Committee- no report
D. Strategic Plan report- Milt Herd

Staff Reports
Summer Preview 2008 (Att F)
Volunteer Report: Jackie Kocher and Jennifer Larkin (Att G)
Artist-in-Education Report - Melissa Dunning (Att Hi, Hii)
Development Report - Barbara Josselyn (Att Ii, Iii,)
Marketing & Communications Report – Leila Lucas (Att J)
BluCru Report – Nathan Borger (Att K)

New Business
Proposed schedule of meeting 2008/2009 (Att L)

Adjournment 12:00 p.m.


Last updated on: June 13, 2008