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Program Information

Number of Artists: 1

Grade Levels: 4-5, 6-8, 9-12, Family, K-2, K-5

Program Length: 50-60 minutes

Ideal Audience Size: 100-200

Maximum Audience Size: 300

Setup Time: 45 minutes

Breakdown Time: 30 minutes

Technical Requirements: Stage or open area, table, electrical outlet

SOL Connections

Science: K.2.a, K.4, K.6, 1.5, 1.7, 2.4, 2.5, 2.7, 2.8, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.8, 4.5, 5.5, 6.3, 6.9, Bio.7, Bio.8, Bio.9, LS.4, LS.5, LS.7, LS.8, LS.9, LS.10, LS.11, LS.12, LS.13, LS.14

English: K.1, K.2, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 4.2, 5.1

Artists Fees

Single Fee: $375 - $575

Back to Back Fee: $690 - $890

Split Fee: $790 -$990

Triple Fee: $985 - $1,185


$.50/mile from Annandale (no travel charge for Loudoun County programs)

Fee Notes

Note: "Reptile Encounters:" $75 per 100 students for a 30 minute encounter

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Reptiles Alive! LLC

Exciting and Educational Live Reptile Programs


Environment & Wildlife

Program Type

Community Festivals, Curriculum Materials, Elementary School Assemblies, Hands-on Programs, High School Assemblies, Live Animal Exhibits, Middle School Assemblies, Workshops

Subject Areas

Conservation, Folktales, Life Science, Live Animals, Physical Education, Poetry, Theatre Arts, Wildlife

Caroline Seitz (aka The Reptile Lady) uses her experience as a professional herpetologist and naturalist to create fascinating programs that entertain audiences while educating them. All programs combine her super-enthusiastic style along with live animals, audience participation, and dramatic stories about how the animals survive in nature. In addition to presenting education programs, Caroline assists state and local governments in efforts to rescue reptiles and is a licensed Virginia Wildlife Rehabilitator. Most of the reptiles seen in her program have been rescued and can never be returned to their homes in the wild.

Backyards Alive! (K-12) Uncover the secrets of the reptiles living in your own backyard. Learn what to do when you encounter wild animals and how to help wildlife in your own neighborhood. Featured animals may include an eastern rat snake, box turtle, snapping turtle, and other amazing native species.

Creepy Creatures Alive! (K-12) Meet some "creepy" animals (tarantula, cockroaches, toads, snakes, and more!) and discover how helpful and fascinating they really are. (Suggested audience size: 100 max.)

Custom Reptiles Alive! Show (K-12) If your school, library, or group has a special theme you would like to build a live animal show around, let us know. Our wildlife educators can customize a live animal show that will be perfect for your event. Past custom them shows have included topics such as: Africa, Australia, Dinosaurs, and more.

Deserts Alive! (K-12) Awesome animals from awe-inspiring deserts will be showcased during this exciting program about one of our world's harshest habitats. Animals may include: bearded dragon, uromastyx, tortoise, sand boa, and more!

Ecosystems Alive! (K-12) Students will meet live reptiles from a variety of habitats and discover why healthy ecosystems are so important to all life on Earth. This program was created using the Virginia Standards of Learning in Science to assist teachers in motivating their students to learn more. Featured animals may include a boa constrictor, box turtle, bearded dragon, and other animals from around the world.

Lizards Alive! (K-12) Learn all about lizards while meeting a variety of these colorful creatures.

Rainforests Alive! (K-12) Discover the dynamic world of tropical rainforests while you meet beautiful jungle animals. Live animals from each layer of the forest will be featured along with stories of survival in this fascinating and endangered environment. Featured animals may include an iguana, boa constrictor, tegu lizard, and other rainforest creatures.

Reptile Encounters (K-12) a hands-on SUPPLEMENT to a reptile assembly. Students will be able to touch live animals and natural artifacts while asking the wildlife educator questions.

Reptiles Alive! (K-12) A wildly exciting and educational show that introduces awesome reptiles from all over the world. Featuring a giant python, alligator, African tortoise, Nile monitor lizard and other amazing reptiles.!

Snakes Alive! (K-12) The secret life of snakes will be revealed during this spectacular show. Learn the answers to questions about some of nature's most mysterious creatures. Featured animals may include a python, boa, rat snake and more slithery friends.

Wetland Retiles Alive! (K-12) Dive into learning about wetland habitats during this fun live animal show! Marshes, swamps, and the Chesapeake Bay watershed will be explained with fun stories and living wetland creatures. Features animals may include a snapping turtle, bull frog, water monitor lizard and other denizens of damp places.